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This site provides an introduction to new technologies for the benefit of seniors participating in Technology for Seniors course, part of Community Learning at Christian Community Aid,(CCA) Eastwood, NSW, Australia. [http://www.ccas.org.au/community-learning/]


While hands-on training is provided by CCA, there is a lot more information about technology than can be provided in class sessions. This wiki is a resource that provides that additional information. It allows participants access to the critical information and to review it whenever they need to. This site is not intended to be a stand-alone training resource but a support for in class experience and activities.

Who can use this wiki?

Although designed for CCA Leisure Learning participants, seniors anywhere are welcome to use the site to help their understanding of the new technologies and see how these might help them to add value to their lifestyle.

Important Note

This site is intended as a general guide for seniors. The information is provided in good faith but without any warranty or guarantee given or implied. Please see the Legal page for more information.

What next?

This website has a temporary sister site that deals with computer applications (or programs). To go to that website use the navigation on the left to go to the 'Applications Website'. Otherwise read on. (the sister site will be incorporated into this site late in 2021)

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