Video Editing

While basic video editing may be done on tablets and phones there are more constraints than for image editing.
Video files are very large so that free space must be available for the file and similar space for the editing to be done.
It may make your tablet or phone will slow up markedly and reduce battery power quickly while editing.

It is hard to recommend anything but minor video editing on mobile devices. For any remotely serious video editing a laptop or desktop computer with a fast processor and dedicated graphics card is preferred.

Having said that, there are videographers that work with mobile devices and produce quality work. It is not impossible but may require high skill or some compromises.

There are a lot of techniques to making an effective video that must be in place when the video is taken. It is not possible to crop or rotate a video image after shooting for instance. Editing is aimed at a complete video which must be assembled from deliberately taken clips otherwise the story will seem to have gaps. A lot of planning is needed before editing to ensure that all the clips needed have been shot and shot well.

A video file may take up about 6 Gigabytes for 30 minutes in HD setting. This is one third of the device storage in a 16 MB phone.
A short video of 1 minute is not so much a problem, being about 130 Megabytes.

Editing may include:

  • Organising a series of video clips to make a complete movie.
  • Adjusting start and end point for each clip.
  • Adding transitions between clips.
  • Adding narration and adjusting levels
  • creating, editing and adding music and adjusting levels
  • Adding sounds and adjusting levels
  • Creating and adding titles, endings, credits

As a guideline budget an hour per minute of finished video to shoot the clips and then an hour per minute to edit. This is for a basic video.
(Shooting the clips can take some time due to set up time for things like tripods; checking camera angles, sound checks and microphone position, dummy runs, multiple takes etc. Editing takes quite some time as adjustments have to be seen in context so you need to review clips multiple times to ensure the editing is at the right point, music takes up in the right frame and is quieted as narration comes in etc)

For an example of quality videography click here.

For an example of basic videography click here (this is a trial YouTube I made many years ago)

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