Use the Camera

Cameras on Mobile Devices

The camera can be accessed using the Camera App.
The Camera app is shown on an iPad screen below.


(this image also shows the Photos app which is discussed in the next section below)

On a tablet or mobile phone there are usually two cameras.
The forward facing camera is on the back of the device and should be pointed at the subject while viewing in the display.

A backward facing camera is normally of lesser quality than the forward facing camera.
It is usually used for taking 'selfies'; images and video of yourself, with or without friends.

For both forward and backward facing cameras the controls are usually identical.

  • Shutter release or start/stop video
  • Change camera front to back or vice versa
  • Change to video camera or vice versa
  • Some setting options to control the camera functions

This image shows an iPad camera capturing an image with camera controls shown.


Where are the pictures and video?

Look for Gallery (Android App) or Photos (Apple App) to see your stored photos and videos.

(There is more detail on this topic in the Digital Imaging section accessible from Site Navigation)

This image shows the camera and Gallery apps on an Android tablet.


With Photos app or Gallery app open, tap and hold on a photo or video to select that image.
This will normally give you the option to send a copy to another app.

In iPads or iPhones it is the Upload symbol.
In Android the Share symbol is used to for this option.


Upload (Apple) Share (Android)

Once you select the symbol you will be provided with a list of apps where you can send the image.
This will include cloud storage, email or chat, as well as social media.

There are more sophisticated options for the image storage apps that are discussed in the Digital Imaging topic accessed from Site Navigation.

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