While many holidays include air travel, other transport options are important at destinations, even if these are only bicycles at a resort!

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Some of the issues to consider with transport include:


Transport businesses supply online and downloadable maps, showing routes that allow planning of travel between destinations.
This is part of a map for metro services in Vienna.


Apps for transport often combine routing, timetables, ticketing and booking so that options can be explored quickly and bookings completed.
This image shows train details for a service in Switzerland.


Some apps are live so that times can be checked, ticketing can be selected and paid for and then tickets displayed when required on the mobile device.



Like airlines, many other transport businesses now offer early purchase, discount or other special fare deals.
Understanding the options allows the best choices to be made for the type of travel preferred.

Many cities now offer combined ticketing so that journeys can be made on buses, trams, trains and other local transport.
In many cases 24 hour day tickets can be purchased and may offer extra value with groups able to travel on one ticket.
Intercity travel may be best accessed by pre-purchased travel passes whereas local and regional transport may be better accessed by tickets purchased on the day of travel. Internet research will show the options.
Some ticketing options can only be accessed before overseas travel as they are not available to local travelers in their own country.

See also below notes for Tourist Passes.



To ensure comfort while travelling it is often preferred to reserve seats, especially when travelling with much luggage.
Some routes do not provide reservations while others may have mandatory reservations.
It is possible that a fee may be paid for reservations.

Tourist Passes


In many cities there are a variety of tourist passes available that may include for transport services.
Many tourist passes will include entry to attractions, discounts and other value added items.
Websites provide detailed information that allows comparison of features to make the best choice for each traveller.



While it is tempting to travel with enough clothing for every situation, it may get quite tedious managing heavy luggage in multiple bags.
It is also important to check the luggage allowance when travelling with more than one transport provider. Most transport providers will have information on-line that details the luggage allowances.

Many airlines will have differing luggage allowance depending on the destination country. It is possible to have allowable luggage on an international flight (eg 30kg total in 2 bags) that will not be allowed on further international or domestic flights (eg 20 kg in one bag). Bags thus may be overweight or in greater numbers than allowed. Overweight or excess luggage can attract substantial extra expenses if purchased at check in. (of the order of $100 per bag, depending on the airline)

Likewise bus tours usually limit luggage to a single piece, limited in size and no more than 20kg (apart from hand luggage)
Luggage on trains is not usually weight-limited but it is usually up to the individual rail traveler to load and store their luggage in the rail carriage.

In some countries it is possible to send luggage by freight forwarders so that differing requirements, say, for a bus tour and a cruise can be accommodated on the one trip.

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