Texting (SMS)

Texting uses the SMS or Short Messaging Service that is available on mobile phones as part of the normal phone service.
SMS is basically available between mobile phones, either between individuals or, like email, to multiple receivers.

It is possible, with business software, to send bulk SMS from a computer to many mobile phones.

It won't work if sent to a land line phone as the land line has no method of interpreting the SMS message.

Essentially SMS is limited to 160 characters however it is possible to continue typing a longer message but costs are associated with each block of 160 characters.
The character limit was the reason that many shortcut abbreviations were developed by users. Like LOL, BTW… etc

If you find yourself often typing much more than the usual size of 160 characters it may be better to use email.

You can add a picture but then the message is an MMS - Multimedia Message Service with a different cost structure.

Texting is handy for a quick message to friend or colleague.
To some degree other apps have provided a more powerful alternative. Some of these are stand alone services like Whats App or messenger services built into products such as Facebook.

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