Stored Images on Tablets and Phones

Image Storage on a Device

Images and videos are usually stored in phones and tablets in a specific location.

Android usually uses an app called Gallery
Apple usually uses and app called Photos

Within these apps you can select one or multiple images by tap and hold (Android) or choosing the Select option (Apple)

  • Android uses a Share symbol
  • Apple uses an Export symbol

Tapping these symbols should give a list of apps and other locations where copies of the images can be sent.
Be aware that sending large numbers of images on your mobile data plan may result in exhaustion of the plan or extra charges.
Prefer always to send images via wifi at home or on free wifi.

Cloud Storage of Images

What is The Cloud? This is just a name for a remote computer storage service connected to the internet.
The idea of the cloud is that any of your devices can access the storage service from anywhere that you can get a wifi connection.
It means that you can take a photo on your phone and a copy will go to the cloud service and later you can get that same photo on your home computer or tablet.

Devices can be set up to make cloud copies of all the images that have been created on the device.

A Google Account on Android devices means that the user has access to Google Drive, a cloud service.
An Apple Account on iPhone or iPad means that the user has access to Apple iCloud, also a cloud service.

Be aware that unless specifically set up differently, cloud services are synchronised.

This means that there are copies in the cloud but these only remain while the original is held on a device.
If the image is deleted from the device it will be also deleted from the cloud service at the next synchronisation.

Lets be very clear, Synchronisation is not the same as Back Up.
Synchronisation means to have exactly the same images as on your device. Delete on the device OR the cloud deletes the image everywhere

Back Up means keep a copy, even if I delete it on my phone or tablet, there will be a copy on my storage system.
If you want to keep pictures but clean out space on your phone, you need to Back Up NOT Synchronise.

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