Most of us have heard about security scares, many of them about loss of personal information or passwords.
There are actually a number of areas of security concern, not all of them obvious.

Security Concerns

Information security

How could copies be made of my personal information by other parties via electronic means?

  • Scams - schemes to misdirect your actions to provide information or funds
  • Malware - malicious software that collects data from your device
  • Ransomware - locking your files and demanding payment for an unlock
  • Phishing exploits - targeted scams that make use of known personal information
  • Poor password practice - simple passwords, re-used passwords (More about Passwords Good Practice)
  • Insecure wireless connections - home wifi with poor practice, public wifi with little security (More about wireless Good Practice)
  • Accounts compromised on a website - a merchant or service provider has information stolen

Physical security

How could my personal information become a complete loss?

  • Failure of a device - electronic or mechanical failure of a device
  • Accidental damage to a device - device is dropped or otherwise damaged beyond repair
  • Natural Disaster - water, heat or cold damage to a device
  • Loss or theft of a device - a lost device with no security means a physical loss and data loss

Good Practice

  • Apps and system software always updated
  • Security software in place and updated
  • Good password practices
  • Good Backup practice
  • Good wireless connection practice

More details about Good Practice

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