Phone Or Tablet Components

This is a simplified description of the components in a phone or tablet.
The the components are shown diagrammatically to indicate their logical relationship to each other.


Phone / Tablet Hardware
This is the physical part that you hold. It has the screen, battery and all the electronics.
The electronics includes a small computer, memory and all the connection systems to the outside world.

Operating System
By itself the hardware can achieve very little as the electronics in the hardware requires an operating system (a computer program) to make all the hardware parts work together.
The operating system could be one of the popular brands; Android (by Google), iOS (by Apple) or Windows (by Microsoft).
The operating system controls the screen, speaker, wireless and other parts. Although the operating system is a computer program (or software) it is complex and not updated very often.
To reflect this, the operating system may be also called 'firmware' instead of 'software'.

Apps or 'Applications' are also computer programs or 'software'. These are each designed for a specific purpose and connect to the hardware via the operating system.
Apps may not need all the parts of the hardware and only use what is needed for the specific purpose required. For example, a calendar App may need the date and time in the hardware but probably would not need the camera. Apps are frequently updated to improve features and ensure security.
Apps cannot work without the Operating System. Apps are chosen by the user of the hardware to suit their own needs.
Unwanted apps can be removed from the device.

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