Other Mobile Technology



Most mobile devices offer a calendar app and there are other apps also available.
The most useful calendars allow synchronisation across all your devices so that editing on one device, say a computer, is reflected on the mobile phone or tablet calendar.
This means that appointments can be entered on the most convenient device at the time and automatically updated on all.
It is also possible to share calendars between family members or friends so that clashes of appointments are avoided.
Electronic calendars can also be set to provide reminders of appointments.



A pervasive part of ICT is the interest of many folk in games.
As games are very much a personal preference and there are so many varieties, the information presented here is brief.
Games can be simple and often are simplified for use on phones or tablets with their relatively modest computing power.

The computer power needed for high quality games generally requires a very high performance laptop or desktop computer, often designed specifically for gaming.

The lack of computing power on phones and tablets can mean some games play slowly, 'stutter' or otherwise not perform well.
Games that are designed for the phone or tablet should be acceptable.

Podcast / Vodcast

It is relatively easy to make a voice recording and then provide the file as a 'podcast'. This is rather like blogging with voice. Many radio stations provide podcasts of programming so that programs can be heard 'on demand'.
Likewise, a Vodcast is the video version of the audio only podcast.

Premium Mobile Services

These are services that are provided at higher cost to normal services.
Often they are special services like customer help lines, competitions, 'adult services' and the like.
There are also scams associated with these services where funds are skimmed from your account.
Details are available from ACMA. Click here for the ACMA page.

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