Online Learning

How it used to be

The traditional educational establishment is familiar to everybody:
Sit in a room, listen to the teacher, remember what the teacher said, practice what the teacher said then do an exam.


Personal Learning

Education and training has moved on since then and now tries to provide 'individualised learning' so that each person can move at their own pace and manage their own learning. This website is an example of a learning resource that can be used in the way that best suits each person.


There are many ways now to learn, as a tremendous range of free and paid resources are available online.
Most training providers like Universities, TAFE, private colleges and community colleges have online resources.
Learning can be for an academic or vocational award which will involve assessment tasks.
Non-award enrollments are also possible with these providers.

There are also a great variety of opportunity for free learning provided by experienced and amateur trainers.

Examples of places to learn

This is not an exhaustive list. It is intended to show the variety possible.
There is no endorsement of any particular learning option intended and choice is up to the individual.

You Tube - many DIY videos that assist with taking on a task

TED - a range of practitioners across many disciplines give 20 minute lectures Click here.

Personal Interest courses - these may be provided by many organisations such as the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. Art History Course

Wikipedia - the online encyclopeadia

Podcasts & Vodcasts - apart from newscasts, there are also learning materials published this way

Online Learning Businesses - organisations that provide online tuition for a fee (eg Click here)

Tutorials from Suppliers - many businesses provide how to do it information online, for example Apple iPad click here.)

Government Organisations - providing support for various needs, example NSW Fair Work Ombudsman Click here

Open Courses with Universities - some universities provide coursework that is open to everyone. Fees are payable for assessment (eg MIT Click here.)

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