Managing Mobile Phone Calls

To make a call

You need to tap the dialing app (usually called Phone) to start making a call.
When the app opens, go to the keypad option and dial the number that you want.

It is also possible to dial a number from your contact list by tapping the contact app
When you scroll to the contact you want, tap to select and then tap the dialling option.

There may also be a video call option which will work with other mobile phones but not with a land line.

To receive a call

It can be intimidating when new to the technology and the phone is ringing and you need to answer.
Be calm and deliberate about your actions. The phone will record the number if you do miss the call.

Most phones require a swipe to left or right to answer the call.
Be deliberate about the swipe, making contact and moving across the screen width.
You are usually able to set up an alternative to swiping that may be more comfortable, perhaps the home button.
[These options are in the Accessibility settings and can be helpful if the swipe is difficult to manage.]

Loudspeaker Mode

When you have taken a call you would normally have the option to set the phone to loudspeaker mode.
Dial or take a call and wait for the connection.
Preferably advise the person on the other phone that you will use speaker mode.
Move the phone away from your ear so the phone screen is active.
You should see an icon for speaker which you can then press.
(if you want privacy you can press it again to go back to normal earpiece mode)

Loudspeaker Mode is not just for hard of hearing but can be useful for:

  • Conference calls, where a few people can listen in
  • Hands free, so that you can, for instance, keep chopping vegetables for dinner or typing on a computer, while chatting

Call Log

The Call Log is a list of calls you have made, taken or missed.
It can also show when you have made or taken a text message.
You can delete this list if it gets too long.


Your contact list is your personal phone book.
Mobile phone numbers in Australia do not need an area code as they can be anywhere in the country.
Example: 04xxxxxx07 would be recorded and dialed exactly as shown.

If you have a land line for a contact it should be recorded with an area code as you might wish to dial the number when you are interstate.
Example: 98xxxxx5 if in NSW should be recorded as 0298xxxxx5

Make sure when you add phone numbers that you add the correct code to any international number.
Example: A mobile number in England could be 032xxxxxx05 and would be recorde as +4432xxxxxx05
(the +44 is the country code and omitting the leading 0 from the mobile number)

This must also be considered if you want to ring friends in Australia while you are overseas.
Their numbers need to have the international prefix: +61 with the leading 0 of the mobile number omitted.

Alternatives to Phone Calls

It is possible to use an app such as Skype or Facetime (iPhone) to make voice or voice plus video calls.

These calls can be made if the other person has the app or has a phone connection to the app.
Usually this is best made through a strong wifi connection to get best results.
Apart from the cost of the wifi connection, the time spent on these apps is not charged.

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