Health Apps


Apps for exercise and health monitoring are available.
Many rely on a wrist monitor or smart watch for data such as heart rate.

While there are a range of products available, few are prepared to make clear statements about accuracy.
Properly designed health devices may cost more than phone apps but they are bound by medical standards rather than consumer needs.

This may be very important if, say heart rate is being monitored and there may be a 20 beats per minute variation between real and measured value.
More accurate readings seem to be available, for example, with heart monitors that strap across the chest and connect to the mobile device.

Health Management Apps

  • Medication reminder apps - when and what pill?
  • Exercise Coaching apps - workouts, videos, trainer support, yoga
  • First Aid - Red Cross Australia has a first aid app
  • Dietary Monitoring - track kilojoules, health value of food, sugar content, food additives.
  • Sleep Monitoring - monitor sleep quality or wake up alarm with body rythm
  • Meditation / Mental health - healthy mind exercises, meditation guidance
  • Hydration - manage amount and reminders

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