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There is a lot to digest when learning about technology.
Confidence is important too.

There is no need for seniors to be scared of technology!


You might be uncertain at times but it is always important to make active choices.

There is also no need to use a technology if it does not give you reasonable lifestyle value, no matter what younger people are saying.
Seniors have enough experience to make choices in life that are not driven by fashion but rather by function that suits them!

The hope is that this resource helps to build confidence and make technology understandable and useful.

How to use this wiki

Everyone has their own needs when learning and will learn at different speeds.
The information provided can be read in any order that suits your needs however, for mobile technology, it is suggested that you get the Basics clear first.

To see the topics in Basics, you can click on the word Basics in the last sentence or on the word Basics in the Site Navigation box to the left.
If you are more interested in laptop or desktop computers you can click on Managing Computers in the left menu. Be aware that this is takes you through the basics of using Windows 10 on computers as this is the most common system available at present.

Here are some suggestions for you to proceed further:

  • If you have used your chosen device (computer, tablet, phone) for some time you might want to just skim over the basics or review those areas that you are not sure about.
  • If you are an absolute beginner it is recommended that you try to go through all the Basics to get the ideas clear. There will be further explanation in class sessions including hands-on practice to assist in your learning.
  • If web pages are familiar, you probably know how to navigate using the menu to the left.
  • You may also find that you can find a topic more easily by going to Site Pages where all pages are listed alphabetically
  • Finally, you can also use the Search function at the right-hand top of each page to search for information anywhere in the wiki. See instructions below.

How to use search


To search, type in what you want to know (red arrow points to the search box)
Next press the search button.
[Please note: If you get a report that says "Operation Timed Out" this is a fault in the wiki system for this website which sometimes occurs.
You did nothing wrong so please try again later. Many wiki owners are waiting for a solution to this problem.]

You will see a new page listing locations where a word has been used in the wiki.
The search is very simple so limit the words to what you want to know.
For example, do not type in "I want to know about USB memory sticks"
Try "USB" or "USB memory".

Before you leave this page!

One thing that you should look at even if you have more experience is the link to Accessibility (Mobile Devices) or Computer Accessibility for laptop or desktop computers.
Many devices will help with larger text settings, spoken information, improved screen settings for poor vision and so on.
Learn how to make selections that will help you get the best from your device.

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