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There is a lot to digest when learning about technology.
Like the pooch in this picture we can take it one lick at at time and gradually get it all.


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The hope is that this resource helps to make it interesting and entertaining!

How to use this wiki

Everyone has their own needs when learning and will learn at different speeds.
The information provided can be read in any order that suits your needs however it is suggested that you get the basics clear first.

If you have used your chosen device (computer, tablet, phone) for some time you might want to just skim over the basics or review those areas that you are not sure about.

If you are an absolute beginner it is recommended that you try to go through all the basics to get the ideas clear.
There will be further explanation in class sessions including hands on practice to assist in your learning.

Moving around the wiki (Navigation)

You have taken the first step to get started by clicking in the top navigation bar or the Site Navigation box to get here. Well done!


The top navigation bar has only the basic sections of the wiki so that it can bring you back from wherever you are.

The Site Navigation box will take you to the important topic areas like Basics (shown at red arrow), Security (shown at purple arrow) or other interesting parts of the site.

In each topic area there may be additional sub-pages related to that topic that you can click on.
When on one of these pages, look just below the title of that page;
If this is a sub-page, it will show as text with 'arrowheads' between them, for example: Social Media » Types of Social Media.

The label 'Social Media' is the topic page and 'Types of Social Media ' is a related subpage.

You can click on these page names to move between pages in a topic or in the Site Navigation box to move to other pages.

You can always go directly to other pages without going back all the way to where you started.

Try using the navigation to move between pages, but read the information below first in case it is important for you.

Before you leave this page!

One thing that you should look at even if you have more experience is the link to Accessibility.
Many devices will help with larger text settings, spoken information, improved screen settings for poor vision and so on.
Learn how to make selections that will help you get the best from your device.

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