There are some items that are travel essentials and which have easy access on the internet.

Travel Insurance (research & purchase)

There are comparison sites to check travel insurance options.
Travel insurance can be purchased online including submission of some pre-existing conditions.

Health (WHO, DFAT)

World Health Organisation (WHO) provides advice on recommended vaccinations for all countries.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides extensive country based information on health risks.


Smart Traveller (DFAT)

The DFAT website Smart Traveller provides a range of services that are constantly updated with country information.
DFAT Website

Some of the important information provided includes

  • Visas, Entry Requirements, Pharmaceuticals
  • Security
  • Consulate Information

DFAT also allows details of trip itineraries to be entered so that contact information is available for where you are on your holiday.
This is provided in the 'Register trip details' section.

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