You may wish to edit your images before printing or using in a photobook.

Basic Editing

Basic Editing is available on tablets and phones with a variety of apps that can be selected to suit each person.

Editing could include:

  • Cropping
  • Tone and colour balance
  • Rotation
  • Sharpening

Advanced Editing

Advanced apps are available on tablets and phones to suit personal needs for quick editing or in-depth changes but more advanced editing for high end cameras would usually be done on a laptop or desktop computer to have enough memory and power to make sophisticated changes. Software that is able edit large images or longer videos is going to be beyond a phone or tablet due to the amount of computer processing needed. A large monitor also makes viewing images easier for improved editing.

There is also the difficulty of getting colour balance correct on portable devices so that colours are correct when printing.
To correct colour balance on a computer monitor it is adjusted by a colorimeter and associated software but this is a very professional and costly approach.

Explanation of Terms

  • Cropping - the selection of only part of the image to get improved composition or appearance
  • Tone and Colour balance - improving the appearance of the colour to better reflect reality of the colouring desired in the image
  • Rotation - this is usually done to adjust verticals like buildings or horizontals like the horizon to improve the appearance of the image
  • Sharpening - although many cameras will sharpen the image, for some purposes it may need additional sharpening to have a pleasing image
  • Colour Balance - the 'white balance' settings are rarely used on phones or tablets and not always on cameras. In some conditions then, colours may be too 'warm' or 'cool'. An image may look too 'golden' or green taken inside a room, too blue or brown taken outside in some environments or have some sort of other colour variation. This is often caused by the type of lighting and can be corrected by correct colour balancing. Colour balance can also affect printing, particularly with printing at home where calibration of both screen and printer are needed for high quality results.
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