Day To Day Use

This section is a summary of much of what has been provided in detail about mobile devices.
There are links at each heading to take you to the details in the text below in case you are not sure what to do.



  • Use a PIN, pattern, fingerprint or other access control to your device. (Click here)
  • Have a different password for every online account by using a password manager.
  • Turn on a VPN app before using the internet on any WiFi connection that is not at your residence.
  • Be aware of scams, especially unsolicited calls, emails or unknown links on the internet
  • Try to always use secure web sites (padlock symbol or https in internet browser)


  • Make sure mobile apps are up to date at all times
  • Set to automatic update to ensure this happens (Click here)
  • Understand which apps work for you and delete or disable those that are not necessary

Battery Health

  • Recharge before getting below 20% capacity if at all possible.
  • Use Sleep Mode for general use but turn off if not using for a few weeks.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS will use extra power so turn off if not being used.


  • Use a browser like Safari (Apple) or Chrome (Android) (Click here)
  • Search with a selected search engine eg Google
  • Use Tabs to manage multiple websites and comparisons Click here



  • Become familiar with settings to change the device function to suit you (Click here)
  • You can change text size, button settings and other adjustments


  • Minimise disclosure of personal information, especially on Social Media (Click here)
  • Never disclose financial information unless you are certain about the source
  • Turn off all app permissions that do not seem necessary

Back Up

  • Use Cloud back up provided with your device (Click here)
  • Make copies of important pictures, videos or files on other storage like a USB stick


  • Adjust device settings to suit your personal needs (Click here)
  • Change one setting at a time and test if it works for you
  • Consider using a cheap touch pen if you have difficulty with touch screens
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