Connect to the Internet

Internet Connections

With most devices, an internet connection is either desirable or in some cases essential.
This may be because information may be required to be stored (called uploading) or accessed from the internet (called downloading).
A computer program or application (App) may also need to upload or download information stored on the internet

To connect to the internet a device may use:

  • Wired connection, using a cable, to an internet service that is in your home or office
  • Wireless connection from home or business wireless internet service, usually termed 'WiFi'
  • Wireless connection through the mobile phone network. This requires a SIM card and mobile phone account

The NBN (National Broadband Network) provides much of the connections to business and residences.
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Internet Service

To get an internet service in your home you need to contact an ISP or Internet Service Provider.
These businesses provide the connection to your house either by direct wiring, mobile phone technology or satellite technology.


The direct wired connection could use the original telephone lines, cable, or fibre optic technology to bring the internet signal to your home.
Your direct connection is part of many connections to many computers that form the internet. The internet is often termed a WAN or Wide Area Network.

In your home

In your home the internet connection provided by the ISP can connected to your various ICT devices by cables (usually Ethernet cables) or wirelessly by WiFi.
Your connections at home form a LAN or Local Area Network.
A wired connection is the fastest and most reliable and can be used with any device that has the correct cable connection
Wifi connections are more convenient as you can move your device around without cables but the connection is generally slower and less reliable than wired.

At your home you may also have devices other than computers that can connect by network wiring (Ethernet), WiFi or may use wiring which gives a dedicated connection to a particular computer. These devices include:

  • Printers
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Additional storage of information such as a hard drive
  • Specialist devices like still and video cameras, scanners and music keyboards

Some devices also use a short range wireless connection which is called Bluetooth.
Because Bluetooth devices are usually connected to a single person's ICT device at a time they form a PAN or Personal Area Network.
Bluetooth is not for internet connection. To learn more click here.

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