Compare Android - Apple

This comparison does not attempt to evaluate performance or quality of competing products.

The intent of the comparison is to show how much similarity there is in functionality.
It also shows that, where there are small differences, the importance will largely depend on individual needs.
The important thing to realise is that an understanding of one of the devices (say) an iPhone, allows an easy transition to (say) an Android tablet or vice versa.
Note that there will be a need to recognise the different icons used in each device for a similar function or app to make such a transition.

This table lists the major features and functions for Android Tablets / Phones and Apple iPads / iPhones.
Where an X is shown then the feature is fully implemented. A x suggests that the feature is available as an alternative or only in some models.
A blank means the feature is not available. In most cases Both means that the phone and tablet have the same functionality.


Earpiece Socket - Apple
Apple provides an earpiece with a 'Lightning' connector but for most standard headphones/earpieces either use Bluetooth or it requires a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

It should be noted too that this comparison is general. There are some newer models that implement 'physical' buttons 'on screen' as software buttons.

This comparison covers most commonly available models in Australia as at 2018.
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One important difference between Android and Apple
Updates to the core operating system are not as frequent with Android. Android is kept up to date by Google but the latest version of Android is not often made available by most mobile phone companies once the phone is more than 2 years old. Google's own phone handsets are kept up to date but because other manufacturers customise Android they do not update frequently. This difference may disappear in the future as some manufacturers using Android are starting to realise the need for continual updates.

Apple iOS is kept up to date and is available for all models of iPhone and iPad for many years.

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