Basic Security

Security can get quite complex.
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Things to consider:

  • Your mobile phone or tablet has personal information on it so it needs to be kept safe to prevent loss of this information.
  • Safety is not just about theft. Simple loss of the device or physical damage may mean loss of precious information like family pictures
  • Free wifi provided in shops, cafes, shopping centres, airports etc is useful but it is insecure and private information is easily accessible by others

Some actions to resolve the above problems:

  • A password, PIN, fingerprint reader or other security feature should be used to prevent easy access by others if a device is lost or stolen
  • A separate copy of your information (back-up) should be made regularly in case of loss or damage
  • Connecting to free wifi services should be through a secure connection (*VPN) if you are dealing with any sensitive information.
  • Any accounts that you use on a phone or tablet should have robust passwords and they all should be different. Using the same password for all accounts is easy but if one password is compromised, then all accounts are vulnerable.

*VPN - Virtual Private Network, this can be set up with an app. See the more detailed discussion of Security

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