Basic Device Settings


To change the settings on your device look for the settings app.
Here are two examples from an iPad and an Android tablet.
Notice that the icon for each app may change slightly with software updates.


iPad Settings App


Android Settings App

The Settings app lets you change the following:

  • Wifi on or off - you need this to connect to the internet via wireless
  • Bluetooth on or off - you use this to connect to a 'local' device; keyboard, headphones, speaker
  • Aeroplane mode on or off - use this to prevent ingoing or outgoing information
  • Customise the display and sounds - change how the device looks and sounds
  • Manage data storage - control what things are stored and where
  • Manage apps - app settings, uninstall apps, permissions
  • Manage Privacy - control how your personal information may be used
  • Manage accessibility - change functions to improve how you can control the device

These settings will be demonstrated in our class group with time for practice.

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