Booking Accommodation

  • A variety of websites provide price, quality, features, reviews, location and booking
  • Wide variety of types of accommodation available; Hotels, BnB, Guest House, holiday house, apartment…

These websites can confirm that features you require are available, for example

  • Breakfast included?
  • Free WiFi?
  • Off street parking?
  • In-house restaurant or room service?
  • Airport shuttle bus?
  • Booking conditions (Payments, cancellation options etc)

Where is it?

You may need to arrange accommodation close to other facilities.
Airport hotels, city center hotels, tour group hotel, transport friendly could all be reasons to select accommodation.
Booking sites often provide a location map to make selection easy. Location of accommodation can also be checked for ease of access using Google street-view in Google maps. This Google map shows Wellington NZ streets and some possible points of interest. The boxes with prices are accommodation in the area with the per night room rate.

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